Tuesday, June 19, 2007

An illusion called "Love"

93% of all things happening in every one's life is because of Love. Your love, your son's love , your daughter's love, your husband's love for another woman, your wife's love for another man and someone's love for someone else ..all movies, all poetry..most writings are inspired by love..wars have been fought..million lives risked to save one relationship..it's insane, yet sane..It's illogical yet has a logic of it's own..It's wiling to sacrifice everyone around..your dad, mom, friends, money, even life but yet can't sacrifice itself. It's like an invisible score of cocaine injected when your pair of eyes meets hers' literally. The neuro-chemical patterns of a guy who's in love is the same as that of the one who's scored coke.

now, why I am talking about Love, well..not because I'm experiencing this unique high . though I don't mind to get hit to see why it's worth a Taj Mahal or Troy. ..so what if it's Love?. it's just the trigger of a chemical reaction by pheremones and oxytocins that kicks your butt high in the air and makes you think this whole experience is divine and out of the world..yet they are chemical response to your biological needs to bond and reproduce.


Anish said...

well if you take 1000 pounds of human shit and mix it with 100 pounds of dog shit, and leave the content in a sloution of diluted mammoth shit for a million years...! Yeah thats how stale this topic is. Gosh whats that stinch!

Kris said...